Five9 to Acquire Whendu’s iPaaS Platform
to Accelerate Enterprise Adoption of
Cloud Contact Centers
Integration, Automation, and Insights for the Contact Center
Quickly incorporate any technology into your business with workflows that seamlessly connect any systems.
How can Whendu help you?

Artificial Intelligence

Teach the systems in your enterprise how to react to changes in their environment as they use big data to make intelligent decisions.

Analytics and Insights

BI, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Whendu delivers real time data directly to your teams or customers.

Cloud + Premise Hybrid

Enable rapid, seamless cloud migration through APIs that connect cloud applications with on-premises systems, and migrate them to the cloud.

Omnichannel Interaction

Build omnichannel strategies that result in faster time to market, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

Automated Quality Control

Evaluate and score customer interactions to identify risk and track performance while always improving the customer experience.

ETL and Data Processing

Reduce the amount of time and resources spent on workloads by automating ingestion from any source of streaming, relational or static data.

Legacy System Integration

Maximize your investment in SaaS applications by connecting in-house, homegrown systems with the entire iPaaS+ ecosystem.
Powering the Contact Center r/evolution

Our real time stream processing technology is the glue that connects all the technology in your Contact Center together, delivering rapid solutions to complex problems.

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What's up with Whendu?

We are a startup in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin county to be precise.

The team has worked together for almost 20 years -- We got our start in the telecom industry at Cisco Systems and then went on to found Five9 (NASDAQ:FIVN) in 2001.

We started in 2014 to build an automation platform that would enable the systems we interact with every day to begin to make decisions themselves -- becoming self aware, self configuring, and self coordinating machines so that people can concentrate on the important stuff.